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8 days ago

Attention all builders!

Are you ready for an epic building competition?

Starting now and ending on Saturday, February 18th at 8pm GMT, we're hosting a building contest that's open to everyone in our community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this is your chance to showcase your building skills and win some incredible rewards.


Here's what you need to know

- There will be first, second, and third place winners

- Your build must be new, with the first block placed after this announcement.

- Our team will choose 10 finalists, and the community will vote on the top three.

- You can form teams of up to three players. 

- Cheating is not permitted and will result in disqualification.

- You must set a warp and provide 3 screenshots of your build to enter (/pw set name)



1st place: 3 god keys

2nd place: 1 god key & 2 unique keys

3rd place: 3 rare keys

**please remember that if you are teaming you will be required to split the rewards and I will make sure everyone is happy with the outcome


How to join the event

Step 1) Head on over to the Build Event Forum and create a topic or click this link https://mystic-network.net/forum/view/7-build-event/

Step 2) The Title should be the title of your build

Step 3) Fill out this layout in the body of your thread

Please Fill out this submission format:


- Current Build Status:<complete unfinished="" />

- The Leaders MC Name: <insert-name />

- Team Members:

<insert-name />

<insert-name />

<insert-name />

- Player Warp Name: <warp-name />

- Finished screenshots:

**come back and add the screenshots when you've finished the build


Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to show off your building skills and win some awesome prizes. Good luck to all participants!